How to Search Vehicle Ownership Online in Kenya

About mVERIFIED KENYA NTSA Online Motor Vehicle Search mVERIFIED is a realtime mobile and web platform that enables you to do searches and verifications of legal documents in Kenya - such as NTSA/KRA logbook search and verification (KRA/NTSA Online Vehicle Search using Kenya Vehicle Number Plates). Results are sent directly to your Phone (as SMS) and the official print-out automatically sent to your e-mail address within minutes, any time and day of the week.

With mVERIFIED, there's no more need to endure the day-long static queues in various service centers, without even knowing what is fully required so as to acquire the results sought such as is the case when performing a NTSA/KRA log book search. mVERIFIED cuts the need for you to move from end-to-end of towns, cities, counties, and (for some) the entire country just to perform an authenticated logbook search and other legal documents in Kenya.

From the convenience of your mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop, the mVERIFIED platform enables you to perform a Kenya Number Plate Search online, that is, do a logbook search and verification in Kenya/online motor vehicle (car) ownership search, as an enterprise or individual, and the results are sent to you via SMS and E-mail. Payment is done via mobile money, esp. through 'Lipa na M-PESA'.

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